Developing Cultural Intelligence for Global Business

"A passport may get you into foreign countries. But your ticket  to doing successful business is Global Soft Skills"

Let's talk facts- when employees and colleagues in a multicultural organization lack the basic sensitivity, mindset, skills and techniques to bridge cultural differences, they have a much harder time achieving their strategic objectives.


What does "professionalism" mean in Asia as opposed to Europe? How can different cultural values influence business interaction?  How is all this related to Cultural Intelligence?

The answer

If you are already working globally, or just starting, this basic Cultural Intelligence training is a must for your global teams. It is the basis of every global business interaction and the cornerstone of your success.

A Globaleyes 'Developing Intercultural Intelligance' training will provide you with
  • Knowledge of culture’s key components and their impact on global business

  • Increased awareness of the skills needed to work effectively in a global environment

  • A cross-cultural mindset that will facilitate business interactions across cultures

  • Advice on dealing successfully with contrasts in working styles and social behavior between you and your colleagues, customers and vendors 

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