Intercultural Communication

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said" Peter Drucker

Cross Cultural Communication is about building relationships that overcome cultural barriers and provide new business opportunities.


In this complex global environment, companies are constantly trying to incorporate brand uniformity and implement seamless business processes across the multi-cultural organization. In this reality, one negative cross-cultural relationship can not only break the trust between colleagues and clients, but is also capable of making or breaking the whole deal.

And so today, Cross Cultural Communication skills have become the biggest competitive advantage in the global business world.


This is where Cross Cultural training comes in, providing you with the knowledge and communication skills you need to establish successful business interactions when working with different cultures.

A Globaleyes 'Cross Cultural Communication' course will provide you with
  • Guidelines for Communication across cultures

  • Understanding barriers to Cross Cultural Communication and developing strategies for overcoming them

  • Understanding of the major sources of intercultural conflicts which are based on poor communication and strategies for dealing with them

  • Practical tools and skills for communicating on an ongoing basis with peers, clients and suppliers of other cultures