Presentation Skills

You cannot afford weak presentations in your organization. In fact, in today's increasingly competitive environment, no one can.

As managers, team leaders and influencers, we spend most of our time in meetings.
Some we run, some we participate.


Our job is to influence and lead, to innovate and create impact that will be acknowledged by others.


The most common way to do this is through meetings and Presentation delivery. We have come to the understanding that people in modern day industries need skills that will support mainly their daily/weekly meetings and updates.


But PowerPoint has become the target and not the tool of influence. We spend a lot of time crafting slides rather than powerful key messages. We invest in tables and graphs to make a point while we don’t even know what our audience needs in order to be influenced.


We will teach you an easy- to- follow, powerful, duplicateable process that will save you loads of time... create more compelling and persuasive presentations and engage more deeply with your audience... regardless of your experience level


Giving an effective presentation

To give an effective presentation is to make a real impact on your audience, especially a business one; you need your message to come across in a clear, engaging way to get all those dozy faces fascinated. And yes, every presentation is a performance, even if it's at a weekly meeting.


Presentation skills workshop

This training provides a proven set of practical tools and highly effective techniques that can be immediately deployed and add significant impact to any presentation, no matter the occasion.

A Globaleyes 'Presentation Creation & Delivery' Course provide teaches you:


  • How to define focused messaged and targets

  • How to discover what will influence your audience

  • How to structure your presentation in line with your key messages

  • How to present data in a powerful way without investing in eye blasting animation.

  • How to diffuse audience resistance and objections before they even come up!

  • How to prepare for high stake meetings & presentations

  • How to use your body and voice while on stage

  • How to handle audience interruptions

  • How to get better with every performance you make


Key Areas Covered


Visual Impact:

Visually pleasing content is not enough to support your message. By learning to apply a set of simple to implement design principles you’ll be equipped to create dynamic slides that will take your presentations to the next level & set you apart.


Delivery Style:

Subtle changes in body language & voice can have a huge impact on how the audience responds to the information you are presenting. Learn powerful techniques to greatly increase your impact & rapport with the audience.


Audience Management:

Skilled speakers do more than talk to an audience –they manage the interaction & generate a genuine rapport as part of delivering a great presentation. Learn techniques to: encourage interaction; manage Q&A including handling difficult questions and stay on track to reinforce key messages.


Content & Message:

Great content is turned in to real learning by the use of highly effective techniques designed to make information memorable – strong openings and closings; the use of narrative and personal observation – make your messages stick and increase your value as a speaker in the eyes of the audience.

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