Relocation Training for Expatriates and Their Families

70% of failed Relocations are due to family adaptation difficulties   The Impact Group


Are you willing to take that chance??


When we talk about failed relocations, we usually address the immediate business cost. However, the cost is often much higher. Research shows failed relocations due to lack of proper support and cross-cultural guidance may even cause depression, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, and low productivity, which in turn may cost the organization the loss of even its very best employees.  


But you probably already know that by now. In fact, today it is well established that a major factor in a successful relocation process is supporting the expatriate's personal and professional lives. The first step is a thorough Cross Cultural training on what to expect in the new cultural environment.


Our tailor-made "Relocation training for expatriates and their families" provides thorough guidance on all aspects of living and working in the target location. The training includes two steps:

  1. An overview of the community, the neighborhood, the education system, local cultural life and customs at the target location.

  2. Once establishing a solid familiarity between the expatriate's family and the target location, the training equips the expatriate with the necessary cross-cultural skills and techniques required to establish fruitful relationships with co-workers in the target location.

The objectives of a Globaleyes 'Successful Relocation' training
  • To provide practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in the specific culture

  • To convey an understanding of the elements that shape the specific culture inside and outside the workplace.

  • To develop an appreciation of the similarities and differences between the two cultures

  • To provide an opportunity to develop skills and techniques to overcome the cultural gaps