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Business English & Email Writing

Deliver your message

with flawless confidence.

Business goal attainment requires effective communication. And while most of oral and written communication is conducted in English, many business professionals do not speak English as a native speaker. Even those who do speak impeccable English often make mistakes that lead to unfortunate misperceptions. This is where our business English and email writing course comes in.

The Best Home for Business English Training

At Globaleyes, we developed a unique Business English training model that helps our clients not only conduct better business, but also understand the cultural nuances and subtleties that are prevalent in business communication. The result? Our clients share information more effectively, deliver ultra-clear verbal and written messages, and build stronger cross-cultural relationships with business partners from all over the world.   

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Our Business English & Email Writing course will:

  • Provide valuable writing and email response practice

  • Help you review grammar that is critical to effective email writing

  • Teach diplomatic and collaborative skill techniques

  • Provide tools for "softening the message" and delivering bad news

  • Go over different types of email structures – formal, informal, direct, etc.

Our Business English & Email Writing Course Curriculum:

  • The Basics of Email Structure

  • How to Write Formal Emails

  • The Secret Impact of the Direct & Brief Email

  • The Diplomacy of Constructive Criticism

  • The Language of Negotiation

  • The Connectors: Connecting Ideas through Writing

  • Explaining Sequential Process Flows

  • The Art of Email Reports

  • Expressions That Enhance Written Communication

  • Avoiding Common Errors

  • An Intro to Prepositions

  • The Basics of Punctuation

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Business English Training,

Delivered Remotely

At Globaleyes, our success is based on our understanding of the needs of non-native English speakers working in global environments. Therefore, we recognize their need for quick and effective training, which can be delivered remotely via video conferencing.

All of our training courses are available in video conferencing format. From complete online training to a hybrid blend of face-to-face and remote training, we're experts at tailoring our courses to your needs. Try us.

Our Business English Expertise.

Your Immediate Impact.

Unique Proven Methodologies
Country & Culture Specific Training
Face-To-Face, Virtual & Hybrid Training
A Direct Business-Oriented Approach
A Playful, Hands-On Training Experience
Experience in Over 20 Countries
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Business English is not a luxury. It's a necessity.

Speak with confidence.

Write with flair. Start today.

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