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We have over 25 years of experience in helping Forbes 500 companies succeed in the world of cross-cultural business.

Here's what they say about us.

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Ratul Banthia

Senior Manager - Model Governance & Ops Excellence at Intuit

Yair's cross-cultural awareness sessions at Intuit in Mountain View were excellent! they highlight key aspects of culture and their impact on the workplace. Yair is very thoughtful and does a great job of building cultural intelligence without being preachy. I highly recommend engaging him.


Xixi Huang

Senior APAC Risk Analyst at PayPal

Margot is a truly excellent trainer I’ve ever met. She is well informed, experienced and engaging. The cross culture training she delivered in our company was well-received.  She provided a lot of practical tips/techniques on how to build a good cross culture relationship in a global company. In addition, she has extensive cross culture experience both in life & work, the user cases she shared are very easily to understand and help participants connect them to their daily job in the workplace. Thank you very much, Margot.


Idan Greenberg

Head of Gaming Israel - Facebook

People tend to think that working with other culture would be very similar to what you are familiar with, your own culture. It is significantly important to understand how much understanding the other culture matters. On behalf of the Israel gaming team, I wanted to express our high appreciation to you and for the wonderful workshop you delivered to us. It was extremely creative, informative, innovative and eye-opening. Mainly, we all felt you provided us to set of tools to understand better ourselves as well as work efficiently with other cultures.
Once again, thank you for making the successful workshop and creating a change to our ability to work better in the future.


HR Manager

“Margo Paz has trained and endowed many of Bank Leumi’s managers with inter-culture skills which are extremely significance to managers working in a Global environment and do business with clients and colleagues world-wide. Margo’s professionalism and expertise in her field gained appreciation from our managers. They gave excellent feedback and felt that their horizons had been widened."


Elod Sandor

Head of R&D, CloudBand Application Manager, Nokia

Our product line is a multicultural one, people working together from three main sites: Budapest, India, Israel. Yair Paz from Globaleys has been asked to conduct a training on each site with the goal to make people aware of the behavior differences due to cultural background.
The training was very structured highlighting the cultural behavior backed up with historical and sociological explanations. The good situational examples also helped a lot to understand different work approaches.
Yair is a professional trainer, could engage the interest of trainees all along the two days sessions.
I can recommend the training for anyone working multi-site, it helps to increase the acceptance of behavior differences coming from the cultural background.

Avi (Phd) Sharchs


Shaping Horizons Architects, “Global Technology Provider”

“I would like to provide my unsolicited personal impression from the course – WOW!!! It was one of the best courses I have attended till now: Fantastic presentation skills! Margot Paz demonstrated the best in class instructor performance! Effective – like a long day practical training, and super relevant for my current job! I got many tips and insights! I am sure that will help me to manage my collaboration with my American partners much more effectively. All that in a half day course!”


Limor Brunner

VP HR - DCS Colt Data Centre Services

Yair had delivered a series of sessions on the topic of Developing Culture Intelligence in a multicultural environment at Colt Data Centre Services in London, during June 2018.
Yair's knowledge of the topic is wide and he had provided multiple examples which made understanding and application easier. Yair's presentation style was engaging and well received by a highly diverse audience.

Hila Manoach


HR Business Partner - Central Europe & Israel , Avaya

"Margo is an expert in culture! her work shops are always exicting & provide real added value to the organization.
It is always a true plesure to work with a professional like Margo.
Margo's workshops were always very highlly rated by the employees."

Irena Voskoboinikov


Technical Customer Support leader - Micro-Point Pro

What's this item abLearning Business English with Hilli...thank you. You helped the entire group very much. My emails are now much more professional thanks to your tips and tools. Also our 'small talk' that you taught us is a BIG matter, has improved and the conversation flows and of course it is much easier and we have confidence to participate in meetings and conference calls. We learnt a lot and hope Management will approve more lessons".


Simon Crowe

EMEA Sales Director at Glassbox Digital

At the beginning of 2018, our company held a global summit in Cancun, Mexico. As part of the leadership program, we held a workshop on Managing Multicultural Teams. Yair Paz from Globaleyes conducted the training which turned out to be an excellent session. It helped us increase our knowledge and awareness of the different cultures we work with and improve the communication amongst the leadership team. The workshop provided us with the right guidance, skills and tips that really affected the way we work with colleagues around the world. I would highly recommend this training to any company involved in global interactions.


Caroline Griffin Pain

General Counsel - Colt Technology Services

Margot spent a day with my global team of 55 legal and regulatory professionals focussing on cultural intelligence and collaboration. We all agreed that we found the day incredibly informative, insightful, fascinating and rewarding. Understanding and respecting cultural differences across a global team is important for our collective and individual success and Margot quickly got to the heart of the issues and provided memorable story-telling and enjoyable engagement. I would unreservedly recommend her as an educator and partner in the global knowledge agenda.


Brian Paul

Vice President, Global Business Development at Milpower Source, Inc.

I recently participated in a cultural awareness course hosted by Yair and sponsored by my employer. Yair has a fascinating and diverse background providing him the instant credibility required to present such complex topics. His personal anecdotal stories provided context in a way the entire team could comprehend. Yair is excellent in front of an audience and retains an exceptional knowledge of cross-cultural challenges that many global corporations need to understand in order to overcome. Strongly recommend Yair and the cultural training services provided by Globaleyes


Manager at eBay

“Margo’s workshop has been a smash hit within our organization. We have brought her back 4 times to make sure all of our employees receive this excellent one day workshop to improve their overall communication skills with both US and Indian colleagues. Margo does a great job of delivering the training, very interactive with the audience and has been very well received by all students. I keep hearing one superlative after another from employees who have taken her workshop. I strongly recommend this workshop for everyone working in a global company.”


Ashley YounJung No

Regional Human Resources Manager, APAC - Payoneer

Our team invited Yair to our HK office for a cross-cultural training program. We have received excellent feedback about his teaching approach, introductive material and personal caliber from our participants. I believe that we have greatly benefited from his insights on how to work in a dynamic and multicultural environment with examples and useful skillsets to build a cohesive global team.



“Margo came to ClickSoftware a few times to train our managers on different Cross Cultural issues. She was very professional, always demonstrated excellent knowledge of the relevant culture, but more important – was able to provide us with the right training, guidance, suggestions and tips that really effected the way we do business and work with colleagues around the world. Margo’s presentations were always interesting, educating, funny and with food for thought that are remembered long after the workshop is over.”


Kobi Mor

CSO & Head of Global Corporate Security at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

"A couple of months ago we ran a professional conference in Israel for our colleagues worldwide. The audience counted some 30 people, 6 Israelis, 3 Americans – and all others from 22 different countries and four continents – and the challenge was indeed breaking the ice and start building a team.
Our HR BP referred us to GlobalEyes, based on previous experience. It turned out an excellent choice: we got an ice breaker session that was really focused, practical and full of humor with Yair; and later on we had him do a very interesting eye opening session on Developing a Global Mindset – which provided us a lot of really tangible insights that help clear cross cultural barriers and better understand each other. It was a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed – despite the cultural differences and even some language barriers.
I definitely recommend GlobalEyes for this types of challenges.

Thanks Yair, Loved your session last week. It was an important component in our teambuilding effort."


Hilla Porat Goldshtein

VP People at Optibus

Yair led a Cross-Cultural workshop for us in Optibus, for a cross org team from the UK and Israel. He is extremely professional, knows how to tell the story and keep the audience engaged. He also generated a significant learning experience for all and kept an interactive workshop. I strongly recommend Yair!


Maya Baum

MSIL Learning Lead / Sharon Zur - MSIL DC HR Lead

“Dear Margot & Globaleyes team,
We would like to thank you for the Cross cultural program that has just ended at the Motorola solutions design center.
The program included 2 lectures and 9 workshops with 103 participants.
The participants expressed very high satisfaction from the contents, the practical & effective tips., your vest knowledge, sense of humor & your ability to keep your audience fascinated throughout the workshop.
The participants were also impressed by your knowledge & understanding of their day to day Motorola solutions environment.
We would like to personally thank you for your great efforts to prepare & tailor this program to our own needs as it was a critical factor in the success of this prog.
We appreciate the time you took to design the prog & the toolkit
Looking forward to working with you again".


Offir Ariel

Head of Product Management at Samsung Telecom Research Israel (STRI)

“Margo is an absolute fountain of knowledge, experience and priceless-guidance in all aspects of cross-cultural interactions. Her passion for what she does is infectious and boundless, her suggestions and insights actually work in the “real-world” and I personally picked up a load of tips from her -highly recommended!”


Marta Paterno

Head of Customer Experience and Operations at M&C Saatchi Performance

After hearing rave reviews about Globaleyes from our London office, we invited Yair to speak to our US teams about culture intelligence, with a focus on working with our counterparts in India. I would highly recommend this training to any teams working cross-culturally. Yair was well informed and polished in his delivery. We look forward to having him back for more training!


Cao Bo

Telecommunications Professional, Nokia Siemens networks, China

"Our company invited Margo to make workshop which dedicated to cross-cultural differences in business in 2014. This training is the best lecture I had in the last few years. Margo is so nice and charming and know how to handle all kinds of situation between different cultures. I was impressed by her professional skills and passion. She has an amazing knowledge foundation and abundant experience which was accumulated from many years of work in a global business environment. She is a significant trainer of this course, not only because she gave us a series interesting cases and amazing games, but she also taught us how to understand the needs of people in a business scenario and how to handle it. Especially, she let us to be very easy involved in the training. It would be great if I could have another chance to join in Margo’s workshops. I learned very useful skill for her and I have already used in my work. I highly recommend Margo’s workshops."


Lilach Nir Canetti

Head of People Group, Israel - Liveperson

Yesterday’s workshop at our offsite was super great.
We enjoyed it and benefited from it a lot, feedbacks are excellent across the board, and people can’t get enough of talking about it.
So, again, thank you so much for all the effort you invested into preparation and investigation. It does not go unnoticed and is much appreciated. And of course, thank you for a session above and beyond.  
We’re already thinking about the next steps.


Vesela Dimitrova

Training & Development Senior Consultant, KPS EMEA, Bulgaria- SAP Labs

“Margot Paz is an excellent expert and trainer on Cross Cultural Communication who I had the pleasure to work with. She has the ability to share her immense knowledge in a very professional and passionate way.
The workshops Margot has delivered at SAP Labs Bulgaria were full with real-life examples, exciting stories and memorable tips how to overcome cultural gaps and communicate successfully in an international environment.
Margot has excellent presentation skills, good sense of humor and very positive attitude. We highly recommend Margot as a Cross Cultural Communication expert with vast knowledge and experience in delivering workshops.”


Yael Tirman

RA/QA Administrative Assistant

We would like to express our gratitude for the interesting and most informative workshop - "Developing Cultural Intelligence".
Yair Paz, our trainer, was proficient with the workshop content and well prepared. The training was full of relevant examples and humor.
The one day workshop length was just right and learning objectives were well understood.
We received the exact tools and techniques we needed for our global interactions.
Thanks so much Yair!!!

Director HR and Organizational Development | Micro Swiss


“A very important workshop during this period, due to the globalization and intensive interaction with the Asian cultures. Margot is amazing – she conveys the materials in a very clear and fascinating way. She spices it with lots of stories and humor which makes the learning process fun… I enjoyed every moment”.


Wei Liu

Shanghai Operations, SPM R&D at HP Software

“We invited Margo twice to deliver several days’ cross-cultural communication to several R&D teams in Shanghai. The results were great! Margo’s deep understanding on culture differences, her broad experience with different cultures, and her professional way of delivering training helped the our members a lot in day-to-day cross-culture communications".

1024px-ADT_Security_Services_Logo.svg (1).png

Tamar Lantz

Human Resources Manager-ADT

“It was a great privilege to participate in your fascinating Global Cultures Training. The workshop which has been made according to our needs, answered the relevant issues / questions and conflicts that we deal with on a daily basis. I believe that even those who are not in a direct interaction with global teams, got an enormous added value by hearing your great practical experience and be exposed to the relevant theories behind the different cultures (I know that I did). Thank you so much for your professionalism, willingness and an exceptional ability to transfer your knowledge so efficient and so charming“.


Jonathan Gee

Director of Finance - ScheduleOnce

I have been trained in one of Yair's 'Cross-Cultural' workshops and highly recommend him. Yair's presents professionally and succinctly, always engaging with his audience. By interacting with us, Yair managed to help build awareness and discussion within the team. This is extremely useful for any international company where cultures collaborate as part of the day-to-day business.

Shira Regev


VP HR, Discretix

"Dear Margo,
The intercultural workshop on Sunday was outstanding.
Your professionalism and wealth of experience contributed greatly.

Hope to work with you again in the future."


HR Manager, mySupermarket

“Margo is an excellent instructor! I have participated in Margo’s lectures and workshops many times and I think she is an expert in cross cultural training and provides a lot of information about many countries all over the world. She is enthusiastic, interesting, has excellent training and interpersonal skills and she gives an added value to employees and managers who work in global companies. I have received only good feedback for Margo’s training".

Philips logo.png

Venkatesh Seshachar

Software Section Manager, Bangalore, CT engineering – Philips

“In my view, your pre-program research was a high point in the success of the program. By this I refer to the focused effort that you put in to understand exact areas of interest and conflicts for the teams. Through this, you were able to arrive at the right focal point for the teams to work upon. During the program, I picked up ideas that I was able to deploy effectively and benefit off the same. The sessions were lively, open and very insightful in helping my team appreciate the cultures of Israel and US. I saw a very engaged audience at the session, thanks to your excellent delivery, driven by experience and passion. You touched upon other cultures too and this added that extra bit to our understanding. It has been quite some months now and I recognize that I have internalized some of the thoughts that you had shared and it works for me! I recognize this change with some of my other colleagues too. Thank you for your contribution in improving our outlook here."


Hanan Shumacher

Senior Director Marketing and Product Management at Mellanox Technologies

A great presentation by Yair to our APAC team about multicultural differences. Addressing a very sensitive topic in a smart and professional way (and funny too!), in front of few hundred people who did not know who Yair was prior and still felt like he was right on the spot! Thank you Yair! It was really an educating and fun experience - we now need to repeat this with the other regions with similar success 😉.

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