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Meet the Team

"People Skills, the Difference between Thinking Global and

Being Global" 


Margot Paz

Few people have more experience with Cross-Cultural Consulting and Training than our CEO, Margot Paz. For over 25 years, Margot has conducted Cross-Cultural workshops at global companies in more than 30 countries. Margot is one of the world’s foremost authorities on improving communications with colleagues and customers from different cultures and successfully overcoming cultural gaps.

She has a very rare understanding of the challenges facing people who work in global companies, as she founded and managed the only in-house Cross Cultural Department at Amdocs, the largest software company in Israel.

Yair Paz

Over the past 10 years, Yair has worked with individuals and organizations worldwide, helping people from various cultures to interact with their colleagues and customers from other cultures. This assists them in overcoming the cultural gaps and challenges which are created by these differences. As one of Globaleyes Cross Cultural Trainers , Yair constantly strives to deliver powerful, interactive and enriching sessions, assisting people to cross cultures with competence.

Hilli Gadot

Hilli trains and facilitates in the area of Customer Service and Managing Virtual Global Teams, bringing with her 25 years of experience. She is also a Business English trainer & coach. Throughout Her career she hired and managed virtual teams working across borders on global projects. Managing such teams and projects required building an awareness for cross-cultural differences, and consequently, appropriate methodologies, tools and processes.

Belinda Talkar

Belinda is a passionate Corporate Trainer who specializes in teaching an array of Business English language skills that are required to function effectively in the global arena.
She is a highly experienced Instructor and Coach who delivers knowledge, skills and strategies in a manner that is effective and practical.
Her experience with a wide range of companies in the private sector, as well as government institutions, enables her to fully appreciate the challenges of inter-cultural communication.
She provides strategies that enable each participant to function more effectively in the global arena; and to represent his/her company to the highest professional standards. 


Proud to be associated with:

Intercultural Communication.
Multi-Level Collaboration.

Unique Proven Methodologies
Country & Culture Specific Training
Face-To-Face, Virtual & Hybrid Training
A Direct Business-Oriented Approach
A Playful, Hands-On Training Experience
Experience in Over 20 Countries
Board Meeting

Intercultural communication fuels global business.

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