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Keynote Speeches

Energize your corporate event with a renowned Globaleyes keynote speaker.

Having successfully translated their immense global business culture expertise into cutting-edge training courses, Globaleyes CEO Margot Paz and VP Yair Paz are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with wider audiences via keynote speaker engagements.

Over the years, many corporations worldwide have booked Globaleyes keynote speakers for their business conventions. Our speeches cover a wide range of cross-cultural topics, challenges and practices, which business audiences can relate to and learn from.

Customized speeches. Immediate reactions.

Thinking about working with a Globaleyes Keynote Speaker? You're in for a real treat. We'll craft a speech in accordance with your needs and your event's central themes, while providing your audience with valuable knowledge on cross-cultural business environments. Ready to collaborate? Let's get this show started!

Female Lecturer
Female Lecturer

Our speeches

are ideal for

the following events:

  • Business conventions

  • Annual organization conferences

  • Sales kickoffs

  • Product & service launces

  • Special corporate events

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Listen to us speak

from anywhere

Business conventions have radically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In today's world, many global conventions and conferences are still taking place online.

At Globaleyes, our keynote speakers are fully equipped and prepared to enhance your online event. We'll conform to your timeline and technology, while displaying a confident presence that will impact viewers and enhance your reputation.

On-Stage Presence.

Off-Stage Impact.

Unique Proven Methodologies
Country & Culture Specific Training
Face-To-Face, Virtual & Hybrid Training
A Direct Business-Oriented Approach
A Playful, Hands-On Training Experience
Experience in Over 20 Countries
Board Meeting

Make your next convention truly memorable.

Get in touch with our keynote speakers today.

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